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The World Is Changed

Kernobog is a near-future campaign set on an alternate Earth where history took a slightly different course – creating a world which is aesthetically similar to our own but can vary drastically in some instances. Our protagonists are special individuals who have been invited to join a prestigious academy run by the enigmatic Ashecroft Foundation for reasons related to their traumatic and inexplicable shared past. Re-united after more than 10 years, our protagonists must come together to discover the truth of the so-called Kernobog Event.

Places of Interest

New WorldAmeri Empire, New Britannia, The Southern Princes, Ashe Island

EuraliaReichstag Protectorate, Cyrillia, Gaul, Etruscia, Argoni, United Kingdoms of Albion-Britannia, Kernobog Quarantine Zone, Transyveria, Tiberia

AfritCarthage, Gyptsus, Tuniz

ErientLand of the Khans, Mahatama, Nippon

Timeline of Events

Kernobog Event, Declaration of Empire, Great Amerise War, Marxist Reformation, Schism of the Universal Orthodoxy, The 27 Year War, Roanoke Project, Nipponese Incursion, Warbreak, Formation of the League of Sovereign States

Organizations, Factions, and Groups of Interest

The Orthodoxy, Warbreakers, League of Sovereign States (LoSS), Ashecroft Foundation, Source, Science, Engineering, Exploration, and Research (SEER) Group, Schismatics

Technologies and Esoterica

The Torque, Torque and Attributes, TF Reactor

Mechanics and Miscellaneous

House Rules

Main Page

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