Great Amerise War

The so-called Great Amerise War was not, in fact, one continuous war but, rather, a series of smaller conflicts fought between the newly formed Amerise Empire and the native tribes of the continent backed by the Tiberians and the Britannians.

Beginning in 1832 and ending in 1861, the Amerise made a push to expand their borders westward. With their purchase of the Lysanian territories from the Britannians in 1806, the Ameri Republic had nearly double itself in size. With the reformation of the republic into an imperial state, the Amerise sought to solidify their hold on that real estate and push beyond it – hoping to drive the Tiberians from the continent altogether.

Opposed by the native tribes of the west and south, who were backed by Tiberian interests, the Amerise nonetheless waged a bloody crusade across the continent – driving the Tiberians from their holdings and subduing the natives. All native tribes subdued were given an ultimatum – submit and retain your culture, identity, and right to life….or be wiped out.

After nearly three decades of war, the Amerise Empire was finally able to drive the Tiberians from the west and solidify their grasp on the coastal holdings the Tiberians left behind.

Records of the times are imprecise – an exact accounting of the final death toll of the war is not available. Casualties are estimated at 600,000 or more.

Great Amerise War

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