New World

The New World, as it is called in a collective sense, is technically comprised of three distinct continents which lay in very close proximity to one another.

The northernmost of these continents is called Ptolarica and is dominated by the republic of New Brittania. The landscape here is comprised of rugged prairies, tundra, and temperate forests as far as the eye can see. The continent is relatively underdeveloped in its interior and boasts several active volcanoes and other geologically active areas in the west.

The tundras and high forests are stalked by the remnants of the once dreaded Wendigo – a species of savage near-humans with a penchant for hunting and killing their homo sapiens cousins for sport and food. They were hunted to the brink of extinction over a hundred years ago and there is now only a small population of these creatures still roaming Ptolarica. There have been some efforts to study and preserve the creatures but most believe it to be a foolish effort.

The continent of Ameri lies directly to the south of Ptolarica across a large sea called the Eerie Sea. Geographically, it is somewhat more varied – containing mountains, swamps, deserts, plains, and forests ranging from the tropical to the temperate. Ameri is much more heavily settled and industrialized – with most of the Eastern and Western coasts bearing the weight of burgeoning metropolises up and down their length. The native peoples of this land interbred with Euralian explorers hundreds of years ago and few claim to be Pureblood Ameri any more.

Finally, the southernmost continent of Izzteca is connected to Ameri by a thin isthmus. The whole of the continent was originally verdant tropical forests. Around fifty years ago, however, a portion of the northern regions of the continent suffered a great disaster as the result of ongoing war and unrest. A part of the land was turned into glass strewn waste carpeted by craters as the result of the orbital bombardment of the continent. The region has remained ever fractious – the native tribes being considerably more hostile than in Ameri and adopting the technology of the Euralian explorers while preserving their own cultural identities. It has ever been a hot spot for violence and the trafficking of both drugs and slaves to other parts of the world.

New World

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